Experience with a focus on innovation, performance and optimisation, facilitating both technical and aesthetic briefs; providing solutions and creating tools to streamline business on a global scale.


Working with all departments for strategic planning and business analysis, managing a distributed team across territories; using clear, tailored communication to grow relationships with clients, stakeholders, developers and end users.


Extensive experience in delivering new system architectures and re-engineering existing systems with proven efficiency.  Deploying modern, secure, enterprise scale projects with programmes spanning several years. 

The Image Database
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The lightweight user interface means you see more of your images at a glance.

 "The elegant way The Image Database presents images gets positive feedback from my clients every time. Their images look fantastic and are so easy to share."

  • Carry your digital portfolio anywhere - even without a data connection. Download your favourite images to iOS devices for viewing offline.
  • Touch friendly adaptive interface for use on large screen desktops, tablets or small screen mobiles.
  • Works across all your devices, mobile, desktop, PC, Mac, and Linux.

Images can be found or stored by geolocation - enabling quick retrieval.

  • Intelligently identifies duplicate images, even at different sizes and crops.
  • Uses advanced Microsoft Cognitive Services to describe and tag your images. (This feature is optional)
  • Embed collections into your website - manage site content without messing with HTML or CSS.
  • Dynamic collections of images shared via URL - simply keep a set of portfolio images up to date.
  • Encrypted connection using secure HTTPS.
  • Delivered on a SaaS model so you always have the latest updates and features without having to 'update'.
  • Your data is your data. Sync your images offline with our optional sync engine.
  • Manage large collections of images simply with cut, copy and paste.
  • Create tiled PDF contact sheets for printing and reviewing.
  • Customized attributes allow you to organize images the way you want to, no matter what business you're in.
  • Drag and drop multiple images from your file explorer to where you want to store them.
  • Download images at pre-defined sizes or enter a custom size, saving you from cropping later.

User selectable colour theme to match your branding, or just your mood.

Dark or Light mode. You choose how to present your images.

Apply non-destructive filters and effects. You can always revert to your original image. Adjust brightness, contrast, gamma. Convert to greyscale, sepia or add your own colour cast. Add a vignette, flip and rotate.

Multilingual support for the following languages:

  • English
  • French (Français)
  • German (Deutsch)
  • Spanish (Español)
  • Italian (Italiano)
  • Polish (Polski)
  • Estonian (Eesti)
  • Arabic (UAE) (العربية)
  • Vietnamese (Việt Nam)

 "Being a web app the link is instant. My clients can see their images in one click on any device, without the need for additional software, apps or logins. I know my clients will get direct access to their images anywhere.” 

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